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- Gentrification -
September 14, 2009
Ask About the Gentrification of Chinatown by the New York Times
"This week, Peter Kwong, a Hunter College professor and author of several books on Chinatown, is responding to readers' questions about the decline of New York's Chinatown as a viable living, working and shopping area for new immigrants because of job loss and gentrification since the late 1990s."

answers part 1 - answers part 2 - answers part 3

How Has Chinatown Stayed Chinatown?
By NICK TABOR, September 24, 2015. New York Magazine
Against all odds, due to these 21 people.

Tenants in Chinatown building forced to vacate
By ALINE REYNOLDS, July 13, 2011. Downtown Express
Illegally partitioned apartments at 35 Market St.

Clans with plans
By ADAM PINCUS, February 1, 2011. The Real Deal
A colloquial look at some of the families and ethnic clans that own NYC real estate.

When Hipsters Move in on Chinese: It's Ugly
By ELIZABETH DWOSKIN, April 20, 2010. Village Voice
Strong-arm eviction tactics in use against Chinese tenants at 55 Delancey, 61 Delancey St.

60 tenants thrown out as Chinatown tenement is shut
By JULIE SHAPIRO, August 14-20, 2009. Downtown Express
Owner hopes 128 Hester will collapse so his new hotel next door would be more valuable.

Landlord wouldn't fix building; Tenants feel the squeeze
By JULIE SHAPIRO, June 26 - July 2. New York Times
11 Essex St another case of owner neglect in hopes of getting building demolished.

High rent squeezing East B'way businesses
By AMY ZIMMER, April 15, 2009. Metro NY
Key money, illegal rents.

Partitioned Apartments Are Risky, but Common in New York
By MANNY FERNANDEZ, February 23, 2009. New York Times
Illegally partitioned housing.

Harassment Is Focus of Chinatown Tenants' Suit
By JENNIFER 8. LEE, February 18, 2009. New York Times City Room Blog
Harassment etc. at 55 Delancey St, and 61 Delancey St.

Displaced tenants get little help due to landlord violations
By JULIE SHAPIRO, January 9 - 15, 2009. Downtown Express
Illegally partitioned housing.

Luxury Condos Arrive in Chinatown
By VIVIAN S. TOY, September 17, 2006, New York Times
From tenements to condominiums, many new developments to come.

Manhattan's Chinatown Pressured to Sell Out
By MICHAEL POWELL, May 21, 2005. Washington Post
Garment factory facing the squeeze, and gentrification.

Seniors keep waiting for Centre St. center to open
By RONDA KAYSEN, April 1-7, 2005. Downtown Express
Millionaires at 240 Centre st fear chinese food smells will pollute their property values.

Immigrants Museum vs. Locals, Lower East Side Divided
By BRIAN KATES, April 28, 2002. New York Daily News
Tenement Museum wants to evict residents of 99 Orchard St through eminent domain.

Warning: Gentrification in Progress
By J.A. LOBBIA, July 4 - 10, 2001. The Village Voice
A case study in displacement at 166 Elizabeth St.

Thomas Huang's Hot Seat
By CHARLIE LeDUFF and NORIMITSU ONISHI, August 3, 1997. New York Times
Tommy Huang the developer, and his enemies.

- Neighborhood Issues -

Yes, He Sold Fakes. They Are Supposed to Be Fake
By JEFFREY E. SINGER and COREY KILGANNON, August 24, 2011. New York Times
Dumb-ass pigs arrest shop owner for selling cardboard copies of "trademark" items meant to be used as funeral offerings, a.k.a. joss paper.

Arrest of Musician in Chinatown Muffles Park Performances
By JEFFREY E. SINGER, June 1, 2011. City Room, New York Times
Arrest of 66 yr old musician in Columbus Park by six cops.

Chinese-American Children Sent to Live With Kin Abroad Face a Tough Return
By NINA BERNSTEIN, July 23, 2009. New York Times
Kids sent to live abroad, face a tough return.

Asian Americans and Poverty
By TI-HUA CHANG, February 25 2009. Fox 5 NY
Video report on poverty in asian communities. see also this AAFNY report on poverty.

Study Quantifies the Frustrations of Parking
By WILLIAM NEUMAN, March 15, 2008. New York Times
Illegal parking by cars with government placards.

City's new traffic plan draws Chinatown fire
By SKYE H. MCFARLANE, October 24 - 30, 2007. The Villager
Plan to change Chatham Square traffic pattern cited as too little, too late

Mahjong gatherings prompt underground gambling and crime
By JIAN CUO, April 9, 2007, World Journal
Underground mahjongg gambling parlors.

Meeting and Vote Records of Manhattan Community Board No. 3
City of New York, Manhattan Community Board No. 3.
Community issues, agenda, meeting, and vote records of CB3 covering chinatown, and the lower east side.

Chinatown Gets Left in the Dust
By BRIAN KATES, January 8, 2006. New York Daily News
Four years after 9/11, small businesses continue to suffer, police parking abuses abound, and Park Row is still closed.

Plan tries to make sense out of Chinatown's streets
By JOSH ROGERS, January 5, 2005. Downtown Express
LMDC study on Chatham Square traffic changes.

Chinatown Residents Hear Traffic Plan Changes
By JANEL BLADOW, March 19, 2004. Downtown Express
Plans underway to relocate Chatham Square in an attempt to ease traffic.

Asthma, Ground Zero Linked
By RONI RABIN, March 9, 2004. NY Newsday
A study of 205 asthmatic children living near the World Trade Center say their condition was worsened by the 9/11 attack.

NYC Waiters, Busboys Awarded $2.9 Million
By HEATHER HARLAN, January 21, 2004. AsianWeek
The other owners of the Silver Palace restaurant found liable after skipping court.

Judge's Ruling Provides 'Road Map' for Reopening Park Row
By JOSH ROGERS, August 12 - 18, 2003. Downtown Express
Judge rules NYPD was heavy-handed in closing Park Row after 9/11, the city must now complete an environmental assessment as the next step.

Chinatown Waiters Win $500,000 Settlement
By MARY REINHOLZ, July 15 - 21, 2003. Downtown Express
Legal settlement in the Silver Palace restaurant workers picket.

To the Barricades Over a Police Barricade
By KELLY CROW, May 11, 2003. New York Times
The growing resentment over the police barricades on Park Row, erected after the events of Sept 11.

At Ground Zero, a New Divide
By EDWARD WYATT, June 5, 2002. New York Times
Chinatown, and the Lower East Side get a smaller share of Federal grants doled out after September 11.

At a Street Market, Bruised Fruit, Summonses and Rats
By DENNY LEE, March 10, 2002. New York Times
A cheap produce market on Division Street has become a neighborhood nuisance.

A Picket Line With History
By JOSEPHINE LEE, January 23 - 29, 2002. The Village Voice
Back wages, labor abuse, and the Silver Palace picket line.

- Lifestyle -

Thousands of Immigrants Live in Chinatown Tunnels
July 23-29, 2008, New York Press
It's a conspiracy!

Dreams and Desperation on Forsyth Street
By SAKI KNAFO, June 8, 2008, New York Times
Chinatown Buses on Forsyth St, the immigrant experience.

Work begins on Lin's Chinese Museum expansion
By JULIE SHAPIRO, April 11, 2005, Downtown Express
Work on Museum of Chinese in America begins.

For Chinatown Bakery Treasured by Generations, a Decision to Walk Away
By Jennifer 8. Lee, New York Times, September 2, 2007
May May Bakery closes.

Maya Lin to Design Chinatown Museum
By AILI MCCONNON, September 30, 2005, Downtown Express
Museum of Chinese in the Americas will move to a larger space.

Keeping Luck Under Lock and Key
By GLENN COLLINS, July 8, 2005, New York Times
Safe deposit boxes in Chinatown.

New York Chinatown's Street Renamed to Honor Chinese American 9/11 Hero
Xinhua News Agency, September 12, 2004
Bayard Street between Baxter and Mulberry is co-named 'Zhe Zack Zeng Way'

Last in Flophouse, Alone With Bowery Ghosts
By DAN BARRY, June 26, 2004. New York Times
The last man in one of the last flophouses on the Bowery.

Feds have their eye on Chinatown's traditional medicine practitioners
By HONG LEE, May 22, 2004. China Press
Chinese medicine, and the unfair shake by the Government.

Takeout: How American Jews Made Chinese Food Their Ethnic Cuisine
By Hannah R. Miller
American Jewish identity, and Chinese food. The biblography is especially useful.

Newspaper War, Waged a Character at a Time
By JOSEPH BERGER, November 10, 2003. New York Times
The heated competition between NYC Chinatown newspapers.

Store Founded in 1891 Succumbs to Effects of 9/11
By MICHAEL LUO, October 26, 2003. New York Times
32 Mott Street, the oldest shop in Chinatown, closes.

For City's Repairmen, Shop May Be the Sidewalk
By JOSEPH BERGER, September 10, 2003. New York Times
Itinerant shoe cobblers, and watch repairmen in Chinatown.

A Cultural Conundrum: The Chocolate Fortune Cookie
By KELLY CROW, June 1, 2003. New York Times
The chocolate fortune cookie.

The Jackson Heights Gold Rush
By KATHERINE ZOEPF, March 23, 2003. New York Times
The Jackson Heights South Asian community in Queens, 22k gold dowries, and marriage.

Fish Got To Walk
By LEWIS GROSSBERGER, July 29, 2002. MediaWeek
The Chinese northern snakehead fish, as explained by "Media Person."

Egg Cakes and Fortune Tellers
February 16, 2002. The Next Big Thing, WNYC.
Brief tour of Chinatown with Jami Gong. audio, 9:18min.

New York School for Chinese Is a Magnet for Black Pupils
By YILU ZHAO, November 2, 2002. New York Times
Shuang Wen Academy, magnet school in Chinatown.

Within Chinatown, a Slice of Another China
By SUSAN SACHS, July 22, 2001. New York Times
Fujianese Chinese, hopes and dreams.

An Urban Oasis for Confucius to Ponder
By ANNE RAVER, June 10, 1999. The New York Times
The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden--a replica of the gardens found in Suzhou--at the Staten Island Botanical Garden in Snug Harbor.

The Other New York City Opera
By ANGELA STARITA, February 17 - 23, 1999. The Village Voice
Chinese opera societies in New York City.

Movie House, and an Era, Go Dark in Chinatown
By DAVID W. CHEN, June 14, 1998. The New York Times
New York's last remaining Chinese theater goes dark. The role movies play in immigrant communites.

City's Third Chinatown Is Emerging in Brooklyn
By MARVINE HOWE, September 13, 1987. The New York Times
Growth of Brooklyn Chinatown.

End of a Repository of Vanishing Lore
November 20, 1982. The New York Times
Olliffe's Apothecary, the oldest pharmacy in the country, closes.

- Civil Rights -

NYPD van driven by auxiliary police chief, 85, crashes into building, kills pedestrian in Chinatown
July 1, 2011. New York Daily News
Driven by Shuck Seid.

Working with Chinatown’s precinct commanders
April 9 - 15, 2004. Downtown Express
Shuck Seid, 5th precinct auxiliary police.

Bronx deliveryman shot in head, but likely to survive
September 28, 2008. New York Daily News
Bronx deliveryman shot in head in attempted robbery.

Politicians call for action as shot deliveryman dies
By BRYAN VIRASAMI and ROCCO PARASCANDOLA, October 13, 2005. New York Newsday
Another Chinese deliveryman dies in robbery.

In $8 Billion Restaurant Industry, a Study Finds Mostly 'Bad Jobs'
By STEVEN GREENHOUSE, January 25, 2005. New York Times
Survey of working conditions inside New York City's restaurant industry.

Man beaten by building super and a resident after putting restaurant leaflets.....
By LUIS PEREZ et. al., January 19, 2005. New York Newsday
Chinese delivery person assaulted.

Workers Under the Gun
By BEVERLY WANG and LESLIE CASIMIR, February 22, 2004. New York Daily News
Delivery people risking their lives for meager tips.

Leaders Decry Deliveryman Murder
By BRYAN VIRASAMI, February 16, 2004. New York Newsday
Names of 4 others who have died in past years.

Cops: 2 Deliver Death to Queens Man
By W. GORTA, H. GITTENS, and Z. HABERMAN, February 15, 2004. New York Post
Yet another Chinese deliveryman is killed making a delivery.

NYC Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Cop: Retired Professor Says Officer Beat Him
By HEATHER HARLAN, September 16, 1998. AsianWeek
Charges droppped against cop in the assault of Dr. Henry Huang.

N.Y.P.D. Settles APA Complaints: Brutality Charges Pile Up In New York
By TOMIO GERON, March 1, 1996. AsianWeek
Strip search settlement against film producer; and sentence for cop accused in separate brutality case.

Charges Dropped: DA's office Backs Down Under Community Pressure
August 13, 1995. India Currents
Charges dropped against Saleem Osman.

Racial Bias Charged in Police Brutality Case: New York Cab Driver Faces Jail Term After Brawl With Plainclothes Cops
By LAVINA MELWANI, August 4, 1995. AsianWeek

New York Story: Anti-Asian Violence Group Wants New Investigation into The Killing of Yong Xin Huang; Shades of Vincent Chin
By TOMIO GERON, October 13, 1995. AsianWeek
New investigation into the case of Yong Xin Huang.

Disputing the Account by Police, a Friend Says Slain Youth Did Not Resist Officers
By JANE H. LII, March 27, 1995. The New York Times
Yong Xin Huang, the controversy surrounding his death at the hands of the police.

Vietnamese Americans File Brutality Suit
December 2, 1994. AsianWeek
Dat Nguyen, and the planted knife.

- Crime and Punishment -

Ten Chinatown store owners arrested for selling illegal pesticides after woman nearly dies
By JENNIFER H. CUNNINGHAM, September 19, 2011. New York Daily News
Illegal pesticides sold in Chinatown.

Catching Counterfeiters, a Real Cat-and-Mouse Game
By MICHAEL WILSON, July 16, 2011. New York Times
Finding, and catching the counterfeiters; and evading the investigators.

Counterfeiters Favored Nike, and Obama, Too
By COLIN MOYNIHAN, April 25, 2009. New York Times
Counterfeit ring bust.

Feds' Kung Pow! Smash Top Gang in Chinatown
By BRUCE GOLDING, October 23, 2008. New York Post
Indictment of gang members that extorted money from chinatown buses.

Smuggled Chinese Travel Circuitously to the U.S. (audio)
By IRENE JAY LIU. November 20, 2007. NPR Morning Edition
How Chinese from the Fujian Province make it to America, from securing a fake passport to traveling through several countries..

Chinese Immigrants Chase Opportunity in America (audio)
By IRENE JAY LIU. November 19, 2007. NPR Morning Edition
How Chinese from the Fujian Province make it to America, from securing a fake passport to traveling through several countries..

Beware of Three Card Monte
By ROBERT K. CHIN. April, 2001.
Be aware of this con game on the streets of New York City.

AB Fab Fakes - High Quality Bags in Chinatown
December 01, 2005. New York Post
Obtaining the best fakes with cloak and dagger.

Five Indicted in Chinatown Dollar-Van Extortion
By JUSTIN YU, and SHERRY CHIU, August 31, 2004. World Journal
Chinatown bus wars.

Arsons May Signal Escalating NYC Shuttle Bus Feud
By HEATHER HARLAN, November 17, 2003. AsianWeek
Chinatown bus wars.

Bank Run Abates
By GREG RETSINAS, April 25, 2003. New York Times
Bank manager wanted by FBI in connection with embezzlement of $1 million.

Years of the Dragons
By DENNY LEE, May 11, 2003. New York Times
The rise and fall of Chinatown gangs from birth, ABC v. FOB, the RICO years, and the end.

The Knockoff Squad
By ADAM FIFIELD, June 23, 2002. New York Times
Knock-off, counterfeit goods, and underground tunnels on Canal St.

Knockoffs Knocked Out - Cops Smash Luxury Counterfeiting Ring
May 12, 2002. New York Post
Secret tunnels and false walls, cops smash counterfeiting ring on Canal St.

Mother of All 'Snakeheads' Gets 35 Years in Jail
March 27, 2006. Asian Pacific Post
Cheng Shui Ping sentenced.

People-Smuggling Suspect Is Held After 5-Year Hunt
By DAVID W. CHEN, April 21, 2000. New York Times
Cheng Shui Ping, notorious snakehead, captured in Hong Kong.

Chinese (Gangs) of New York
By MARK JACOBSON, January 31, 1977. Village Voice
ghost shadows, chinese democratic club, etc.

- Historical -

By BRUCE EDWARD HALL, April 1999. American Heritage Magazine
A memoir and history of old Chinatown, from the 1900s to 1980s

Immigrants Both Renew and Unsettle Chinatown
By RICHARD BERNSTEIN, June 9, 1993. New York Times
Immigrants, golden venture, a changing Chinatown.

The Chinatown Files
1950-60s paranoia over Communism, and the McCarthy witchhunts extends to Chinatown with FBI surveillance and harrassment of Chinese-Americans. ---external link.

300 Sightseers See Chinatown Murder
November 22, 1910. New York Times

Thieves Beaten Off In A Restaurant
April 10, 1910. New York Times
Attempted robbery at the Tuxedo. "While slumming parties fled screaming to the street - all three caught, and the cash saved"

Chop Suey Resorts
November 15, 1903. New York Times
Many New Yorkers Like It - Provides Cheap and Substantial Meal - Chinese Waiters Indifferent to Tips

- Media Links -

World Journal
Chinese. Has a section covering nyc. online by subscription.

China Press
Chinese. Has a large section covering nyc.

Sing Tao
Chinese. Has a section covering nyc.

Independent Press Association
Select articles from community, and independent presses are highlighted each week. archives available.

Press releases, and news stories about downtown. archives available

Downtown Express
Community. Covers downtown. deep archives available from website.

The Villager
Same publisher as Downtown Express, but articles seem to appear one week later.

New York Times
Broadsheet format, occasional coverage of chinatown. deep archives available from some libraries/home (with library card).

New York Post
Tabloid format, sensationalistic, reads like a rag from the 1920s. deep archives available from some libraries/home with library card).

New York Daily News
Tabloid format, sometimes one-ups the Post with it's sensational reporting. archives available from library.

New York Newsday
Tabloid format. photos

Village Voice
Alternative weekly occasionally covers chinatown. archives available from website.

WZRC 1480 AM Sino Radio Broadcasting
Cantonese 5kW AM radio station, owned by Multicultural Radio Broadcasting.

NY1 Local cable news, occasional coverage of chinatown. videos (dating back to september 1999) in realplayer format available for download.

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