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Eldridge Street

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What is perhaps interesting about Eldridge Street are the many Buddhist temples, and shrines located along its route. For THE map of all temples and churches located downtown, click here.

29 July 2008. Eldridge Street.

01 Apr 2002. 120 Eldridge Street, est. 1995.

In so many immigrant communities in the past and present, the basic storefront temple/church was there in times of need as it not just served a religious function, but a social one as well by helping its members get a foothold in a new land.

In Chinatown, however, many of these temples don't seem to do much except offer a blessing. Most immigrants instead rely on family, and social service agencies for help.

02 June 2007. Buddhist temple ceremony.

20 Eldridge Street, Pu Zhao Si. Buddhist Temple is ~20 years, moved here from Allen St.

12-16 Eldridge Street, Eldridge Street Synagogue, built 1887. This synagogue was designed to be a modern house of worship for a modern (Americanized) Orthodox congregation, K'hal Adath Jeshurun, and Anshe Lubz. It was one of the largest in the Lower East Side.

Neglect and disrepair of the main sanctuary, due to lack of funds resulting from membership attrition, almost forced the building into a state of ruin until conservation efforts began in the late 1970s. [FN 1,2]

In this photo, all the stained glass Stars in the rose window (except for the bottom one) had been removed for cleaning.

01 Apr 2002. Guan Kwong Temple of America. est. 1993, off Eldridge on Canal St. Guan Yu (also known as Guan Yunchan) was a famous general who served under Liu Pei and the Kingdom of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period in China [FN 3]. He is known for his strategic genius, and integrity in battle, as well as his loyalty. Kuan Yu was later captured by his enemies, the Kingdom of Wu, and executed in 219 A.D. He is deified as Guan Ti, the god of war.

06 November 2007 road kill

1: http://www.ajhs.org/publications/chapters/chapter.cfm?documentID=199
2: Eldridge Synagogue conservation site.
3: The "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", by Luo Guanzhong, recalls this period in history.

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