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Division Street

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30 October 2005. Division and Forsyth St.

This traffic square has become a major bus terminal. One can catch a bus to other Chinatowns in cities up and down the east coast. chinatown bus info

Confucius Plaza. The statue of Confucius was sculpted by Liu Shih. In the background is Confucius Plaza Apartments (2 Division Street, 19 Bowery) built in 1976, its tall 44-story building forming an arc, or semi-circle facing Division Street.

Yung Wing Public School, P.S. 124 (K-8), 40 Division St.

Yung Wing was the first Chinese to graduate from an American university receiving his degree from Yale in 1854. Believing education as a key in helping to modernize China, Yung Wing organized the Chinese Educational Mission at Hartford, CT in 1871 to bring over Chinese students for advanced study in the United States. 23 February 2002.
Confucius Plaza (rotten) fruit vendors, May 12, 2002.

These people don't like to be photographed, the guy in the white khakis in the foreground even tried to threaten me as I tried framing a suitable shot, exclaiming, "This is a private street!" It's with good reason why these people don't want to be on camera, this market has been cited numerous times for poor sanitation, and peddling without a license. The tenants of the Confucius Plaza apartment complex have voiced strong opposition to the presence of the vendors here. But people continue to visit this market because of the cheap prices offered here. [ Footnote 1 ]

Fujian "San cai yi tang" at Yi Mei restaurant, 51 Division St.

"San cai yi tang", translates to "three dishes plus soup", a buffet pick-and-choose style of lunch served in many small restaurants in Chinatown. 25 February 2002.

Fee Auto repair shop on Division, near Forsyth Street.

Asian Americans For Equality office, 111 Division Street (on the corner of Pike/Allen Street)

AAFE began back in 1974 organizing protests and pickets in response to hiring discrimination by the builder of Confucius Plaza. AAFE are advocates for civil rights, affordable housing, economic development, and social services for all those in need. 01 Mar 2002.

Chuen Lee Fabrics, 113A Division Street. 23 February 2002.

Snuff Shop; 113 Division Street. 26 January 1938, by Bernice Abbott. (source: NYPL) larger image located at NYPL.

On window it says, "S. Scharlin & Son manufacturers of Gambetta Snuff."

Zhen Ling Tan Taoist shrine.

Footnote 1:
"At a Street Market, Bruised Fruit, Summonses and Rats". Denny Lee, New York Times. Mar 10, 2002

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