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There is something I like, and hate about (downtown) Flushing. In a way it reminds me of Hong Kong with the massive number of people on the street, the bus traffic, incoming planes flying reaaaaallly low overhead, and so many restaurants with big gaudy signs out in front. But don't let that fool you, much of Flushing (outside the town center) is very quiet, and residential.

Flushing, much like Queens as a whole, is very diverse. The community is composed mainly of Chinese—from mainland China, with some Taiwanese—Koreans, South Asian Indians, and Pakistanis. Latinos—many from Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic—are the next largest ethnic group forming nearly a quarter of Flushing's population, followed by white, Jewish, and African-American.

So what can you find in downtown Flushing? Quite a lot. Flushing is a pretty dynamic shopping area with many mainstream stores like Macy's, KFC, Starbucks, and Payless Shoes right next door to Chinese herb shops, Korean bakeries, and Asian supermarkets. There are over 17 banks clustered in downtown Flushing with the number of deposits ($2 billion) second only to Manhattan's Chinatown. One of the busiest, and most diverse library systems in the United States happens to be the Queens Public Library, with the flagship Flushing branch leading the way in the number of books loaned [FN 1]. On Saturdays and Sundays, families gather to dine at the many restaurants, and dim sum palaces in the area. Among the best is Gum Tong Gung, located across the street from the recently built Flushing Mall.

Even with the bus traffic, the large numbers of people, and the business of it all, Flushing doesn't seem too overcrowded, and traffic is not a nightmare. Part of the reason is the huge numbers of parking lots that exist in Flushing. Many businesses have their own private lots for customers, and if they do not, the city provides three gigantic municipal lots conveniently located in the center of town.

Footnote: The new Flushing library boasts the International Resource Collection featuring hundreds of newspapers, and over 50,000 books, CDs, DVDs, popular fiction, and academic titles in a language other than English (primarily Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, and six South Asian Languages) many of the titles you can't find anywhere else in the United States.

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