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Canal Street Hustlers and Street Vendors

Quick tour of Canal St NYC. with clips of street vendors, crowded street, people, tourists, garbage, souvenir shops, and fake handbag shopping. using old video footage.

NY Chinatown Lion Dances Jan 23 2012 Tai Pun + Golden Lion Club

Filmed January 23, 2012. Lion dances in NY Chinatown at the start of the lunar new year, Year of the Dragon. Video features Tai Pun dance troupe on Bowery, and the Golden Lion Club on Mott St.

tai pun residents assn 大鵬同鄉會 golden lion club 金獅團

2012 NY Chinatown Firecracker Celebration Jan 23 2012 Chinese Lunar New Year

Filmed January 23, 2012. Billed as the 13th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year's Day Firecracker celebration. Before there was ever an annual chinatown "firecracker celebration" people simply DIY by lighting their own firecrackers; people had fun, people celebrated, people lived life. But all this came to an end in 1997 when then-mayor giuliani banned the use of fireworks citing safety concerns. [source]

I remember that year in Chinatown, it was depressing. Almost every store was closed, and there wasn't much celebrating going on; it was dead. In 1999, community groups asked for a compromise, but giuliani refused to budge saying, "Before we do this, like, cultural thing, we have to sort of, like, get real here." [source]

At the last moment he did allow a public display of "mock" firecrackers, featuring crummy fake confetti-filled firecrackers triggered by electronic means. [source]

It was only until 2003 did the next mayor reverse the firecracker ban by allowing Chinatown to hold a "pyrotechnic display" as long as they hired professionals to manage the event. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/02/02/nyregion/firecrackers-make-a-somewhat-subdued-return-to-streets-of-chinatown.html

This years "celebration" was sponsored by some chinatown business group. As I was not "accredited press", I don't get invited in to film from the front. I do however get to watch from the sidelines with my fellow nobodies, and its a better viewing angle too. Video features fireworks by Gruci, long strings of celebration firecrackers, mini firecrackers, or lady crackers being set off, and big repeating ones arranged in a mortar. At the end of the video features a random arrest of some pickpocket by plainclothes cops.

Pvt Danny Chen March & Vigil demand for justice Dec 15 2011 New York Chinatown

Filmed December 15, 2011, 6pm. March and vigil for Pvt. Danny Chen who died in Afghanistan. The circumstances surrounding his death remain a mystery. It was alleged a cover-up took place; friends, family, and the community demand a full independent, and transparent investigation, and accounting from the Pentagon.

Supporters, including occupy wall street, marched from Army Recruiting Center, 143 Chambers St. to Columbus Park in Chinatown. Various local politicians showed up in support including John Liu, Grace Meng, Margaret Chin, Daniel Squadron. Organization of Chinese Americans NY sponsored the event. YaliniDream led the vigil with a poem and Native American mourning song.

NYC 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade, Oct 31, 2011, Occupy Wall Street Halloween

Recorded October 31, 2011, during the last 1/2 hour of the parade, 9.25-10pm at W 4th St, and 6th Ave, New York. The video features people in costume generally having a good time. The video also features the Maracatu NY marching band (4:42) an excellent edward scissorhands (2:17) the star wars lightsaber contingent (6:24) and the Occupy Wall Street Halloween bloc (8:33) marching at the tail end of the parade with a giant puppet robot / slot machine / vacuum / bank / stock exchange monster (9:20)

SORRY! I didn't have time to get still images of the many great costumes etc. that day, only had a few min at the parade, and not much afterwards... shot with an canon elph 300 hs.

Feast of San Gennaro, NYC, September 2011.

The 85th Annual Feast of San Gennaro in NY Little Italy.

full description of video

Chinatown bus goons attempt to intimidate me.

I was held against my will by these immigrants ignorant of American and New York City laws.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE BACKGROUND STORY leading up to this incident.

Quick tour of Grand St btwn Bowery and Eldridge St. September 1, 2011.

Repair of broken water main on 2nd Ave, and E. 8th St, East Village, August 31, 2011.

Broken water main repair work with water pumps running, construction, and open hydrant draining brown water.

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