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NYPD rushing a shot cop to Bellevue Jan 31 2012

Recorded January 31, 2012. 9.30pm. Various twitter feeds report a cop shot at 370 Bushwick Ave in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They rush him to Bellevue Hospital. Most traffic feeding onto the main route leading to the hospital was blocked off at least 5-10 min in advance of the emergency vehicles.

I was on the northbound M15 select bus when I began noticing cop cars at various intersections along the route beginning at Delancey St. As the bus headed up First Avenue, maybe half a dozen cop cars sped in front of the bus. Eventually the bus reached E 24th St where I began recording. I didn't know what was going on until later. The full footage is actually 5 and half minutes long. but in the interest of time, I cut away most of the dull moments. I counted at least 36 among the initial escort in the video, then there's a 1 and a half min lull (edited out) before 7 more vehicles pass by. Then another 1 min lull before two suburbans roll by with maybe the mayor or ray kelly in it flanked by black cars with a hatzolah ambulance trailing it (not on video).

Fire!! Grand & Eldridge Sts.
October 8, 2011, 4:25pm.

Recorded October 8, 2011. Fire on the roof of 291Grand St located on the corner of Eldridge St. Ladder 9 on Grand St, Engine 6 on Allen St, Engine 55 on Eldridge St. Other trucks standing by Rescue 1, Tower Ladder 18, Ladder 20, EMS. The fire was an eerie reminder of the 7-alarm blaze at this intersection back in April 11, 2010.

Bomb Squad at Delancey & Allen Sts.
September 26, 2011.

September 26, 2011. A brown leather suitcase left at Delancey St, and Allen St prompt a bomb scare. The bomb squad comes to x-ray it with the fire department standing by. The workers in the Subway restaurant across the street seem oblivious to what's going on.

Driver made a blind left turn on a red light, and gets T-boned, Allen and Grand Sts.
August 27, 2011.

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